Project TitleDynamic Climate Change Simulator (DCCS)
Track Code2009-061
Short Description

The Dynamic Climate Change Simulator (DCCS) provides a simplified model of climate change to be used as a tool for the study of dynamic decision making, and to give participants a basic understanding of the tradeoffs involved in responses to climate change. The participant's goal in DCCS is to maintain the carbon dioxide concentration stock within an acceptable range around the goal value of 938 GtC. The participant decides on emissions of two different types: deforestation and burning of fossil fuels. The participant sets the fossil fuel and deforestation emissions. The DCCS moves autonomously by a number of time steps to a future year and calculates carbon dioxide concentrations and absorptions from making the emissions. The software is available to download for free to academics, subject to the attached license agreement. For instructions on the use of the software, see the Read Me file, which is included as part of the download.

Posted DateFeb 23, 2009 3:28 PM


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Dynamic Climate Change Simulator (Software) Free Download